best dental implants in Brooksville

Brief Intro To Most Commonly Used Implants

The most commonly used implants are based on the two original structures. The best dental implants in Brooksville that local dentists will surely be recommending or prescribing to their patients will be best informed by the two main types of implants being used. These are the endosteal and subperiosteal implants. But in cases whereby patients’ jaw structures are not sufficient to meet the dental implant procedure, alternatives can be used.

Now, endosteal implants will be placed into the jawbone. These are usually made from titanium. They are literally shaped like small screws, being the most regularly used implant. The subperiosteal will be placed under the gum as well as on, or above the jawbone. The use of this implant is for those who do not have enough healthy jawbone and are not physiologically equipped to have bone augmentations done.

best dental implants in Brooksville

The bone augmentation is considered when the jaw needs to be rebuilt. It is being done to help restore a natural jawline as well as provide a strong foundation for new implants. The jawline may have lost its natural shape and function after back teeth were removed or lost over time. But dental practitioners have been arguing for years over the importance of replacing such back teeth almost the moment it is lost.

Alternative to the bone augmentation will be the sinus lift. It is here that bone will be added below the sinus area. This too is when natural bone has deteriorated over time as a result of those missing back teeth. In the case of a ridge expansion, the jaw was never wide enough to support new dental implants. Here, bone graft material will be added to a small ridge along the top of the patient’s jaw.