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How to Know if You Have Hemorrhoids

Getting hemorrhoids is not uncommon. Most adults get them at least once in their life. Only a disturbed bowel movement is enough to cause hemorrhoids. You must know the symptoms through which you can figure out if you have hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids are extremely unpleasant and painful. If not treated on time, they can cause medical complications. If your symptoms match with the ones given below, you must contact a mount pleasant hemorrhoid removal clinic. Getting immediate treatment is crucial for a healthy life.

Types of hemorrhoids

There are three types of hemorrhoids – internal, external, and thrombosed. The symptoms for all of them differ significantly. Given below are symptoms for all of them.

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Symptoms of external hemorrhoids

External hemorrhoids are the ones that develop under the skin around the anus. The symptoms of them are as follows.

·    Bleeding

·    Swelling in and around the anus

·    General pain and discomfort around the anus

·    Irritation and itching in the anal region

Symptoms of internal hemorrhoids

Internal hemorrhoids are those that develop inside the rectum. They are rarely felt or seen since they do not cause much discomfort. The symptoms of internal hemorrhoids are as the following.

·    Painless bleeding caused by excessive straining of the hemorrhoid

·    Excessive pain caused by hemorrhoids pushed through the anal opening.

Symptoms of thrombosed hemorrhoids

These hemorrhoids are those that are caused due to a pool of blood collected due to external hemorrhoids. They are extremely painful and require special medical attention. Their symptoms are as follows.

·    Excessive pain

·    Inflammation

·    Hard lump on or near the anus

·    Swelling


Getting adequate treatment for something as painful as hemorrhoids are crucial. Even though the treatments can be uncomfortable, the problem itself is even more uncomfortable. Therefore, you must check your symptoms and get professional help immediately.