psychiatric treatment in washington, dc

Difference Between a Psychiatrist and a Psychologist

Getting help for your mental health has never been easier. However, seeking help from the right mental health practitioner is the first and most confusing step for most. If you want therapy, you should see a psychologist. On the other hand, if you require medical help, consider getting psychiatric treatment in washington, dc.

Role of a psychologist

The role of a psychologist is to provide talk therapy or any other therapeutic treatment that can help patients. The purpose of a psychologist is to diagnose and help you understand your condition. They can also be consulted for support during grief or any other emotionally stressful period.

psychiatric treatment in washington, dc

Psychologists strive to help you get back to normalcy by giving you the right tools and coping mechanisms. They aim to not pull you out of your environment while helping you manage triggers, anxiety, stress, or other symptoms.

Psychologists treat mental health-related conditions through psychotherapy. They specialize in psychological evaluation and diagnosis. Since they are not medical professionals, they can not prescribe medicines. However, they can consult your case to a psychiatrist if they deem medication to be the right fit for your treatment.

Role of a psychiatrist

Psychiatrists are medical professionals in the field of psychology. They aim to treat patients through medical and hypnotic procedures or medication. Since they specialize in medicine, they are licensed to prescribe medicines for your ailment.

Other psychiatric treatments include electroconvulsive therapy and hypnotic therapy. The aim of their field is not to only rehabilitate you with your condition but to remove it from your psyche.

Since most psychiatrists do not offer psychotherapy, you might have to consult both a psychologist and a psychiatrist for some mental health conditions.  Such conditions include bipolar disorder, depression, and eating disorders.


Both psychologists and psychiatrists can be consulted for mental health conditions. While their roles and methods of treatment differ, the aim of both is to help you lead a mentally healthy life.